9 April — Number 1

  • Helping protect our buildings

Dear Churchwardens and Incumbents

Temporary Closures – Helping to Protect our Buildings

During the temporary closure of our Church buildings for public worship and general use it is important that we continue to take steps to ensure the protection of our buildings.

Our Property Insurer has requested that we undertake the steps below as a way to help prevent loss and to also ensure that we have appropriate coverage if an insurance claim is required:

  • If a fire alarm and/or security alarm has been installed ensure it is operational
  • External doors must be adequately locked/secured
  • All windows and any grilles are to be locked shut
  • Any gates are to be locked
  • Ensure that there is no cash left on premise and all valuable items are securely locked away
  • Ensure that any spare keys are securely locked away and that the Parish is aware of where all keys are at all times. To assist with this it may be helpful for your Parish to establish a key register.  Should you need to establish a key register an example document is attached
  • We ask clergy or churchwardens to complete regular inspections of the buildings
  • Remove all external waste, pallets and empty skips
  • Ensure waste bins are emptied and if possible safely relocate these at least 10m from the building
  • Display a security notice displayed in window or on door (an example is attached for you to use)

The Diocesan Office Parish Services Team are able to provide you with assistance. You are welcome to contact our Risk Officer Heidi Randle via email to discuss security issues.

If any additional measures are required by our Property Insurer we will be in contact with further advice.

Updating information about alarms

Would you also please advise Heidi Randle via email which buildings in your parish currently have fire and security alarms installed and whether those alarms are monitored.


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