On Wednesday November 1 more than 200 students from the four Newcastle Anglican Schools Corporation (NASC) schools converged on Christ Church Cathedral for their annual Celebration Day.

The Year 7 students had arrived from Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, Lakes Grammar – An Anglican School, Manning Valley Anglican College and Scone Grammar School for three hours of engaging with each other and the Cathedral.

The Scone Grammar chapel band kicked off the event with some rousing worship music before Bishop Peter officially welcomed everyone to the 7th annual gathering. Reverend Richard Loh then introduced Dean Katherine to everyone who explained briefly her role and the role of the cathedral in the life of the Diocese. Reverend Matt Shorten then jumbled everyone into different groups in a chaotic ice breaker that would surreptitiously have the students from different schools mingling.

Once settled again students from MVAC read from the book of Nehemiah a tongue twisting reading that revealed the theme for the day, “The joy of the Lord is our strength.”  Dean Katherine graciously unpacked the reading for the students, cleverly likening herself to the next Dr Who which came as no surprise to those of us who know her.  She then organized the students into tour groups and they wandered around the well marked out points of interest.  The Dean, Father Scott Dulley, Mr Michael Hannah and Mr Greg Anderson were all at key locations with much knowledge to impart.  After 30 minutes of organized chaos and timed movements to the sanctuary bell (thanks Mr Gummow) we all gathered again for some final prayers coordinated by Reverend Melinda McMahon.

Our day concluded with a feast provided by the amazing Wallsend Parish and organized by the always lovely Lorin Livingstone who keeps the NASC ticking over.  The students ate, drank and said hello to each other.  A few phone numbers may well have been exchanged and another Celebration Day had come to an end.  All the students boarded buses for some what would be a long trek home.  And all the chaplains and staff from the schools breathed a sigh of relief…all had gone well.

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