Social Justice & Advocacy

  • Samaritans

    Samaritans-logoSamaritans is the welfare arm of the Diocese, and is one of Australia’s largest regional welfare organisations. Samaritans provides disability services, disability care, youth, family, mental health and community support in Newcastle and several regions of NSW.

    Learn more about the work of Samaritans.

  • Social Justice Task Force

    The Social Justice Task Force works to initiate, promote and support social justice action in our Diocese. They do this by:

    • Working collaboratively with the Samaritans Foundation and other diocesan organisations;
    • Building ecumenical relationships on justice issues and partnering in action and education;
    • Networking with local community justice groups;
    • Encouraging parishes and diocesan organisations to engage with social justice issues; and
    • Raising diocesan and community awareness of social justice issues.

    This work includes providing social justice training events, and ongoing involvement in the fields of:

    • Refugees and asylum seekers;
    • Reconciliation and Recognition of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people in the Constitution; and
    • Domestic and family violence.

    Read more about the Social Justice Task Force and their work.

  • Anglican EcoCare

    environment commission logoThe Diocese has an Environment Commission. This was born from a request to the Diocesan Council to explore proposals for enabling sustainable environmental practices to be put into practice within the Diocese. The role of the commission includes encouraging and inspiring parishioners to become aware of issues affecting our environment and to take responsibility both spiritually and practically so that we can make a difference and move toward a sustainable future.

    Find out more about Newcastle’s Anglican EcoCare

  • Animal Welfare

    logoThe plight of animals is a legitimate concern for the Anglican Church and goes hand in hand with care for creation, to which the Church is committed. There is now a growing number of people who will fight for the animals until they achieve the changes to give animals a decent life.

    Find out more about Animal Welfare.