Lakes Grammar make the move to solar energy

Lakes Grammar – An Anglican School is now ‘cleaner and greener’ after installing a solar energy system during the April school holidays. Being a large school with over 900 students across two campuses, we have a high demand for electricity and our energy usage is one of our major operating expenses.

The decision to make a partial switch to solar energy makes absolute sense considering we are operational during the day when the solar energy is produced and available, cost savings can be realised from day one, and it allows us to reduce our ecological footprint as we all need to make better choices in what we consume and how we produce and use energy.

“We have had the desire to move to solar energy for some time now, but have been through a carefully considered tender process to ensure we have selected the best solution available for both now and in the future”, said Mr Michael Hannah, School Principal.

“It sends an important message to both students and our community that we need to be environmentally conscious and all need to find a way to help create a sustainable future”.

The school is installing 100kW solar PV system split across the Junior School (25 kW) and Senior School (75 kW). The annual energy production for the system is expected to be 145,264kWh p.a. The school is also installing a data monitoring system which students will be able to access in order to monitor the system’s performance online and allow them to see first-hand how solar energy is produced and consumed. This will be a helpful addition to our resources for learning in Science, Geography and Technological Studies.

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