Religious education in public schools is a hot topic right now, but that hasn’t always been the case. And it is not all negative in the wider community either. A special event was co-ordinated by Karen McNamara MP, Federal Member for Dobell, to celebrate local community champions.

Included in the nominations was June Eggert, a member of Lakes Anglican Church in Kanwal. She was nominated by Lakes Anglican Rector, the Rev’d Tim Waghorn. June has been active at Lakes Anglican for many years in various roles. June has always shown a humble nature in her walk with God. She is a regular at the Wednesday Bible Study as well as seldom missing a Sunday Service. But there is more to June in her faith walk with Christ.

What rarely gets noticed is the work that she has accomplished in the wider community. June was nominated for her outstanding achievement of 50 years in teaching SRE.

That’s right; 50 years as a SRE teacher in the local community. This should stand out as encouragement for all SRE teachers. As June talks to students in her class, she is often reminded of the time she taught some of their parents. June is stopped in the streets and shopping centres by students past and present. She is living proof through her dedication and passion, that an individual can make a difference in their community.

This milestone has been duly rewarded. Her nomination for a Community Champion award was celebrated on Thursday June 16 by Karen McNamara MP. Karen recognised the value and commitment June has poured into the area of Gorokan, clearly noting why June was a worthy recipient of a Dobell Community Champion Award for 2016.

Karen illustrated some of the values outlining why scripture in school can make a difference. She spoke of the commitment June gave to young lives which was a contributing factor for June’s commitment to the program year after year.

Included among the recipients was a former student of June’s SRE classes. A small and emotional reunion was shared in front of the gathered guests and dignitaries.

June, we thank you for your passion, patience, commitment and time you give not only to God, but to his Little Ones as well.


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