Two days prior to starting her HSC Exams, Rebecca Fletcher took time out to support drought-affected farmers. 18 year old Rebecca hitched a lift with her mum – Branxton Greta Lochinvar’s Priest, Reverend Nicole Baldwin – as part of a Mothers Union Quiet Day trip on 15th October.

“Rebecca decided that I would be her support vehicle for the day and she set about raising funds and accepting donations of 10litre water bottles to take to Denman on the back of her ute,” said Rev’d Baldwin.

Rebecca was supported by her family, friends and the Anglican Church Branxton Greta Lochinvar. One hundred 10 litre water bottles were transported from Branxton to Denman on the back of Rebecca’s ute. Donations towards purchasing water at the Denman IGA were received which enabled her to purchase another fifty 10 litre bottles. Spending money locally helps locals.

Rebecca Fletcher, from Branxton, said “The purpose of the ‘Denman Run’ is to support farmers who are struggling with the drought. This is a way to show what we can do when we stand together to help others.”

A total of 1500 litres of water was delivered to the Anglican Church Denman and received by Denman’s Lions Club president, Steve Carter for distribution. A special thanks to Catherine Fletcher, Johnathan Graves, Haley Edwards, Harry and Sofia Mears and the parish family of Branxton Greta Lochinvar for their support with this fundraiser and for their help with delivery.

Pictured sitting on the back of the ute are: Steve Carter, Reverend Nicole Baldwin, Johnathan Graves, Rebecca Fletcher and Haley Edwards at the Anglican Church Denman.

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