Food Collections for the Samaritans

These are collected after each of the four services which are held at the Cathedral on Sundays. The Cathedral parishioners are always very generous in donating food items throughout the year but are particularly generous during the colder winter months.

It is apparent that all people are more mindful of those who may go without any warm sustenance at this time of the year and are only too willing to provide what they can in relation to food such as sauces, pastas, soups that can be heated or cooked easily without the prolonged use of electricity or gas. The baskets are usually overflowing when our “elusive elf” who is called Anonymous, secretly comes to collect them and deposits them at the Samaritan Broadmeadow Branch in Brunker Road, Adamstown.

Often the elusive elf reports that the shelves were bare when our contributions have been donated and they are always greatly appreciated by the Samaritan staff any time throughout the year. As we all know, the Samaritan Foundation is the social arm of the Anglican Church in this diocese and Cathedral parishioners are only too willing to help where and when they can for those who are less fortunate than themselves.

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