Flourishing By Grace

The call on the Diocese of Newcastle is to be flourishing by grace

  • Focussing our resolve
  • Committed to healthy ministry
  • As a safe church
  • Encouraging inclusion
  • Using our resources well
  • Engaging in 21st Century mission

We will build on the call to be a missional church and to face the past and shape a healthy future. We will address the challenges facing the diocese and embrace innovative approaches to ministry and mission.

Our work and spiritual life will be fashioned by an ever-deepening relationship with God: the Holy Trinity. Being made in the image of God we flourish in relationships of love. We find our fulfilment in community flowing from the Community of God.

In April 2018, Bishop Peter invited the Diocese to come together for Regional Meetings held across the diocese.

“My prayer and my vision for the Diocese is that we will flourish by grace. There are, across the Diocese, some wonderful green shoots of creative change. It is a delight to see clergy and people re-energise existing ministries and embrace new opportunities.

“In February, the clergy met and we listened carefully to one another and we believe also to the Spirit. We recognised that for the Diocese to flourish there was a need to embrace further significant and even radical change. The changes in society, the impact of the disclosures of abuse in the church and our sense of vulnerability meant that there was an urgency to be different in and as a Diocese. An emerging view that this was essential to our mission and ministry viability.”

Download the Strategic Directions and Work Plan 2018 – 2021

Download the Strategic Directions and Work Plan 2018 – 2021 Church Workbook

Download the Regional Meetings presentation here