October 22-28: Week of Prayer for SRE

Date / Time

All Day — 22/10/2018 - 28/10/2018

Week of Prayer for School Scripture (SRE) in NSW Public Schools

Pray and promote, pray together or alone, for SRE at your church.

Every week in NSW around 11,000 (yes, 11,000!) adults go into public schools to help children explore faith, so they have the information they need to live a life of faith.

School Scripture (SRE) teachers nurture spirituality, teaching kids to pray, reflect and read the Bible. They seek to share the love of God and the hope that comes from knowing Jesus Christ.
Contemporary school life is demanding and SRE teachers are nearly all volunteers. Although they undertake training, prayerful support of the church community is vital.
Sally Smith local SRE teacher said, “Teaching Scripture is rewarding but it’s hard work. The very best way we can support our Scripture teachers is to pray for them. That will have the biggest impact in helping SRE classes to be a positive, lasting influence in the lives of the children they teach.”

“I would encourage everyone to join in the Week of Prayer for SRE.”
– Rt Rev’d Dr Peter Stuart, Anglican Bishop of Newcastle

“Our communities send out our SRE teachers; we cannot let them go without
our prayers and support.”
– Most Rev’d William Wright, Bishop – Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

Get Involved

Will you encourage faith in the next generation by praying for SRE between 22-28 October?

  • Pray for SRE teachers and schools in your church service
  • Pray alone or in a small group
  • Put a notice in your church newsletter or use this poster on the noticeboard
  • Raise awareness about SRE in your church
  • Tell your story…about how SRE has impacted your life