The Diocesan Leader’s Conference this year was a friendly gathering of Rectors, chaplains and formation students.  Bishop Jeffrey Driver led the group in thought provoking and encouraging reflections on trauma, and on remembering into our future – being who are called to be today.  In his last address, which stirred us forward he spoke of authenticity, building trust, making long term plans and sticking to them, and giving ourselves away. He also reminded the clergy, clearly, that the “privileged church era is gone”, and that our call today is to be missional, to form our people in the faith, and for parishes and chaplaincies to be ‘working models of hope”.

As those who attended the Convention can attest, Bishop Jeffrey was both truthful and encouraging.  We are most thankful for his time with us, his teaching, and his genuine care.

The clergy also heard from

  • Danielle Habib on Domestic and family violence;
  • One another as we reflected on various ministries and good news stories from across the Diocese;
  • Gill Fletcher and Archdeacon Arthur Copeman and the renewed clergy supervision program which will provide essential support and reflection for clergy in their ministries.

We concluded with a session with Bishop Peter on self-care, on clergy working hours and time for refreshment, and on changing our expectations of ourselves.  Bishop Peter also encouraged the clergy present to be gathering in small groups for mutual encouragement and support.


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