Dawn Vallance of the Parish of Telarah Rutherford and her green thumb will adorn the latest edition of the Hunter’s Yellow Pages phone book.

Ms Vallance was chosen in a joint venture between the phone book and the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network that displays the latter group’s achievements on the region’s directories.

Raworth’s Ms Vallance, 82, is pictured with her husband David in the Telarah Rutherford Anglican Church’s garden she had helped tend for the past few years alongside other volunteers. She said she had come out of hospital shortly before the shot was taken.

“When I found out … I was totally shocked but very excited to accept the title,” Ms Vallance said.

The long-time Maitland Country Women’s Association volunteer said the image, one of several taken, was not her immediate choice.

“It’s a bit too much of me and not enough of the garden,” Ms Vallance said. “But it’s wonderful not for me, but for this garden. I’d really like to get a few more people interested in it.”

The tome will also feature a gardening tip from Ms Vallance inside its cover.

Story: Newcastle Herald.

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