COVIDSafe Church Framework

The health and safety of all people attending our sites is paramount and it is essential that there is strict adherence to the measures outlined within the Fact Sheets and the Parishes COVIDSafe Plan.

The incumbent and church wardens are responsible for approving all activities and ensuring that they are inline with the current requirements, the Parishes COVIDsafe plan and relevant fact sheets which are available on the website.

If you have any queries, please contact the Quality & Risk team via or by phoning 1800 797 455. For urgent reporting of COVID-19 cases, please phone 1800 797 455 immediately.

The Bishop may change this direction at any time in response to managing COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 Safety at Church

    COVID-19 Safety at Church

    Maximum capacity at a place of public worship or religious gathering must not exceed one visitor per 2 square metres of publicly accessible space. This is also applicable for weddings and funerals held on site.

    When updating your maximum capacity you must ensure that only public accessible areas are included in the calculation. 

    Please note: Up to 25 people are permitted to enter the building before the 2 square metre rule applies.  


    Parish COVID-19 Safe Plan
    Incident Notification Form

    Fact Sheets:

    Fact Sheet: Requirements of the Parish
    Fact Sheet: Third Party Contractor or Delivery of Goods
    Fact Sheet: Safe Use of Masks
    Fact Sheet: COVIDSafe Preparation and Service of Food


    Updated Entry Requirements Sign (Risk Factors)
    Entry Requirements – Max Occupancy Sign 
    Registered Occasion of Worship sign – option 1
    Registered Occasion of Worship sign – option 2

    COVID-19 – Keep your distance
    COVID-19 – simple steps to stop the spread
    COVID-19 – good hygiene is in your hands
    COVID-19 – Do I need to wear a mask?

    Additional Resources

    Cleaning Record
    Booking and Attendance Record Sheet
    Attendance Record Sheet
    Procedure – Creating an event in Eventbrite
    Volunteer Health and Medical Declaration Form

    This page last updated 14th April 2021.