30 March 2020

Clergy, Churchwardens and Parish Council Treasurers – Circular #3

  • Thank you for the information that has been sent in
  • Diocesan and national church leadership working quickly to clarify access to Commonwealth financial support

Dear friends in Christ,

Thank you to those who have sent in the information so far. We appreciate the very quick response from so many of you. If you are still to complete the information (the Incumbent of each parish is being asked to complete a staff information survey which can be accessed here. The Parish Treasurer (or a churchwarden) is being asked to complete a financial information survey )

At a diocesan and national level there are people working as fast as practical to get the information from the Commonwealth Government we need to provide across the Diocese. In part, this involves making some representations to government, as other organisations need to do.

Please feel free to be in touch with significant news or insights from your setting by emailing us

Grace and peace


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