Covid Update

I am sure you share my frustration that the guidance from the NSW Government can be both slow and unclear.

The new public health orders apply to all of NSW from Monday including those areas not currently in lockdown. The consequence is that people who are not vaccinated are subject to changed rules.

Clergy and church workers must have had one dose of the vaccination to be able to exercise ministry or work in church premises until vaccination rate milestone of 80% is reached.

The broader community is required to have their second dose by 1 November 2021 to be able to work. It is anticipated that they 80% milestone will have been reached before then.

If you or other churchworkers are not vaccinated and you are unable to make other arrangements for ministry by people who are vaccinated then you should be in touch with me. 

People working in op shops must have had one dose of the vaccine and must get their second dose by 1 November. This rule is expected to be lifted on 1 December 2021 with the change of rules for the whole community. This email supplements the email I sent on 7 October 2021 and provides direction and guidance to clergy, church officers and parishioners of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle.