7 April – Number 1 – Corrected

  • We will use our church buildings when clergy and laity can join together for worship
  • Clergy to stream worship from their homes during Holy Week and Easter

Dear brothers and sisters,

It is has been a truly extraordinary effort for churches to be streaming worship, prayers and teaching through a variety of platforms from homes across the Diocese. There have been profound offerings of pastoral care via a range of audio and visual platforms. It has been moving to hear so many stories of ministry and mission in these complex times.

I am sure, that like me, that when clergy are recording there are moments of stress when the uploads seem slow or the microphone records differently or the dog barks. We have seen a variety of production values depending on the equipment and resourcefulness of people. Undergirding each has been a powerful desire to proclaim the good news and minister to God’s people.

There is a very real sense that the prayer and liturgical life of the Diocese is being sustained in people’s homes during this time when we cannot be together in church buildings. Thank you for all that you are doing.

With you, I grieve not being able to meet as an assembly of Christians gathered to offer praise, to hear God’s word, to pray and to experience his means of grace.

I am convinced that there is something very significant for those leading ministry to be at one with the people of God who are expected to remain in their homes.

The weight of that public health order remains in place. We have experienced a positive COVID19 test in one of our nursing homes. There are two coronavirus testing centres in our diocese as the government seeks to assess community transmission.

My approach is that we should use our church buildings when clergy and lay people can gather together for services. Accordingly, clergy are asked to stream services for Holy Week and Easter from their homes rather than from church buildings.

Grace and peace,


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