24 April – Number 1

  • We can host a virtual morning tea or afternoon tea using ZOOM
  • People without internet can join a virtual gathering by phone
  • Consider having a ten minute talk from someone who has good advice about navigating the COVID-19 space
  • Encourage people to bring a friend

As we have settled into a virtual world for church life, there is a desire to offer more than worship and teaching opportunities.

This week, a number of people have shared with me their experience of hosting ‘virtual morning tea’ using the Zoom platform.

The great advantage of the Zoom platform is that people who do not have internet or a computer can still phone-in (ringing 80156011) and join the event by simply entering a meeting code followed by the # key.

When setting up the Morning Tea it is worth considering not requiring participants to enter a password.

We have a great opportunity to help people during the COVID-19 crisis by having people speak on a key themes of support and encouragement. 

I attended a webinar last night where the psychologist advised that loneliness creates a stress-like reaction in the brain. De-stressing activities like breathing and walking can be helpful She also offered the counsel not to presume people are lonely.

We always have great words of comfort and solace to offer as we speak of God’s love. God in Christ, who speaks of himself as the Good Shepherd, has promised to be with us in the dark valleys and always. God is present with us in our grief, anguish, anxiety and uncertainty.

Like physical church, parishioners can be encouraged to invite their friends and neighbours to join-in the virtual morning tea.

I’m wondering about baking some ANZAC biscuits ‘to share’ during my virtual conversations over the next few days.

If you feel uncertain about hosting a virtual morning tea, a few clergy have offered their support to help you get set-up. Let me know and I will put you in touch with them.


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