Dear sisters and brothers,

  • Volunteers aged over 70 no longer need to obtain health declaration
  • There is no limitation on the roles that volunteers aged over 70 may undertake

Dear sisters and brothers,

Roles undertaken by people aged over 70

The NSW Government has amended its advice to people aged over 70 in relation to the risks associated with COVID19.

We have reviewed the changes alongside our overarching responsibility to ensure safety for our workers (paid and voluntary).

All voluntary work must be supervised within the parish and must be undertaken in a manner which is safe for the volunteer, all other workers (paid or unpaid) and people visiting the site. The responsibility for ensuring the safety of church sites rests with the Incumbent and Churchwardens.

Commencing Monday 25 January 2021, there is no longer a requirement for volunteers aged over 70 to make a health declaration which is signed by their doctor.

It is important that in the recruitment, supervision and support of volunteers the Incumbent and Churchwardens ensure they are provided with the following advice in writing:

NSW Health advises that people over 70 are at greater risk of more severe symptoms if they are infected with COVID-19. In choosing to volunteer within the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle you may wish to exercise greater caution in some of the roles you undertake, choosing who you may see and where you may go. It is important that you follow the directions of the Incumbent and Churchwardens in your volunteering role and follow the health and safety advice that applies to the community and the area of the Diocese in which you are volunteering.

With every blessing


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