19 May – Number 1

  • Slow stream of applications for reopening of church buildings
  • Guidance on baptisms

Dear colleagues,

Reopening applications

I am grateful for the careful attention that people are giving to the process of reopening our church buildings. There has been a slow stream of applications most of which focus on the re-opening application form that can also be found on the Diocesan Website.

Holy Baptism

As best as we can understand, there is no limitation on exercising the ministry of baptism provided that the requirement that no more than 10 people are present in the congregation and that all of the people present engage in social distancing. All of the rules about public worship apply.

If you are exercising the ministry of baptism of a infant, the parent should hold the child until the point of baptism. At that point, you can either take the infant or the infant can remain with the parents. The infant should be returned immediately to their parents.

As you reflect on the way to exercise this ministry I draw your attention to the notes about the sign of the cross on page 822 of A Prayer Book for Australia and note 6 on page 70 of APBA.

If you use oil for the sign of the cross, you should sanitise your hands immediately before dipping your thumb/finger in the oil and immediately afterwards.


We have no additional information about any changes from step one to step two by the NSW Government. 


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