COVID-19 Face Masks

Dear sisters and brothers,

  • Please reconsider travel to NSW hotspot areas or reconsider attending church if you have been in those areas

Dear sisters and brothers,

There is growing concern about the risk of contracting COVID-19 by travelling to regions of Sydney.

There is general advice about refraining from travel where possible to limit the risk of community transmission.

Clergy are encouraged to refrain from travelling to NSW hotspot areas.

This risk area is now under active consideration with the possibility that requests will be made to people who travel ‘beyond the Hawkesbury River’ to refrain from undertaking ministries where there may be a higher risk of exposing others to COVID-19.

You are encouraged to contact Heidi Randle to discuss potential travel in hotspot areas. Heidi will consider your circumstances and discuss any risks with you and with the Bishop.

 Grace and peace


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