28 April – Number 2

  • No changes in the restrictions on the use of church buildings

This evening I received the following advice from Multicultural NSW which is responsible for the relationship with churches during the COVID-19 emergency.

I share it with you as together we prepare our ministries in the coming period.

As soon as anything changes, I will update you.

“There is no current schedule for a phased return to communal worship. I note that, sadly, congregations are places where COVID-19 has spread both in Australia and overseas so this may not be an early return. But we certainly will keep people informed of any developments in this regard. The good news is that Australia is heading in the right direction in terms of flattening the curve. We want to keep it that way. 

The concern regarding singing is certainly warranted regarding the spread of COVID-19, according to our colleagues at NSW Health, who have cited one particularly notorious outbreak in a church choir in the U.S., which was quite tragic (a choir practice of 60 individuals who practiced social distancing resulted in 45 infections, 3 hospitalisations and 2 deaths).”



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