15 April – Number 1 

  • People will be asked to complete a Jobkeeper Nomination Form and return it to the Diocesan Office promptly
  • Treasurers will be asked to provide key financial information to the Diocesan CFO promptly

The Commonwealth Government has embarked on providing significant support and stimulus through the Jobkeeper payment.

The legislation is in place and some rules have been set.

The General Synod Office, the Diocese of Sydney and the Diocese of Melbourne are engaged actively in seeking clarification of some key details which will effect the implementation of Jobkeeper support in Anglican Dioceses.

When the time comes to make application we must be in a position to act quickly and confidently. 

Shortly, Ms Coralie Nichols, the Diocesan Chief Executive Officer will be writing to each person on the payroll administered by the Diocese to seek their nomination for Jobkeeper payments as required by the Australian Taxation Office. In some cases we are confident that an application can be made but in other cases we await clarifying information. The most significant group for which we are waiting clarification is the clergy. A prompt response will be important.

We will also be writing to each Parish Council Treasurer seeking a comparison between 2020 and 2019 for a chosen financial period. This is integral to confirming our eligibility for this support. Again, a prompt response will be crucial.

Thank you for your assistance in these matters.


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