15 May – Number 1

  • Application can be made to livestream services on a Sunday
  • NSW Health have advised that congregation numbers doesn’t include the people leading/managing the service

Dear colleagues,

I write to confirm that the use of a church building on a Sunday for live streaming or recording without a congregation being present will be permitted upon a suitable application being submitted.

Please ensure that your application is made on the re-opening application form that can be found on the Diocesan Website. All of the other requirements for use of the church building outlined in the application process will still apply.

I have also been advised that NSW Health have confirmed that presence of 10 people relates to 10 people in the congregation.

The clergy, musicians and others (including the parish official) required to lead and manage the service are in addition to the congregation.

A similar rule applies to weddings and funerals. In this Diocese that number should not exceed 5.


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