COVID-19 Update – Grant to care for seniors in our community

20 April – Number 3

  • Grant to care for seniors in our community

The NSW Government has established a grant round aimed at combatting isolation of NSW seniors.

Among other things, they are not interested in

  • projects that do not address social isolation and loneliness for seniors while mitigating COVID-19 risks
  • projects that do not extend participation beyond the Diocese/parish immediate membership or service group
  • projects that include fundraising events designed specifically for the purpose of fundraising for charities or for the Diocese/parish

They are interested in projects which are

  • effective in addressing social isolation for seniors aged 65 years and over, and 55 years and over for Aboriginal people, and able to engage with others during this period to reduce social isolation and loneliness, in compliance with COVID-19 isolation and social distancing measures
  • able to attract and sustain participation from seniors who are considered to be socially isolated or at risk of social isolation and loneliness at least through to the end of 2020, using an active and not passive approach
  • able to be up and running immediately, or in a very short timeframe, through the extension of current capacity, system and networks.
  • have a wide geographic spread, regionally or locally focused, community driven and delivered locally or online
  • able to demonstrate business continuity planning to keep the project running up to the end of 2020 should the provider’s operations be directly affected by COVID-19
  • value for money in terms of overall costs and the outcomes and benefits that will be delivered.

The application must be completed by Sunday evening.

We think there is merit in working together to brainstorm some projects and submit a joint application.

There will be a conversation about this on Wednesday 22 April from 2pm to 3pm. If you would like to join this conversation you need to register through this link.