24 April – Number 2

  • Commonwealth Government makes important amendments to support charitable sector during COVID-19
  • Clergy entitled to Jobkeeper support

The Federal Treasurer, the Hon Josh Frydenburg, has made significant announcements about Jobkeeper and other support for the charitable sector.

Among the announcements, the Federal Treasurer has confirmed that JobKeeper Payments can be made to clergy who receive stipend or locum payments.

He has confirmed the ‘One in, all in principle’ which requires an entity to ensure that all eligible employees are covered by their participation in the scheme. It is not possible for us either by request or decision to exclude a person who is eligible for support under the scheme.

It also appears that the barrier to some other forms of support created by us having a central payroll system has been addressed. This last matter will require a little more clarification next week.

I take this opportunity to affirm the consistent and precise work that has been undertaken by so many people over the last few weeks. You have ensured that we were well placed to make our application to government and to join with others in making representations to government. I celebrate the work of Coralie, Glen, Linda and the Diocesan Office Team. I affirm the clergy and Parish Council Treasurers.

I also recognise the careful engagement of Archbishop Glenn Davies and Bishop Michael Stead who have lobbied onbehalf of religious groups in NSW.

The Jobkeeper scheme is not perfect and there are people who are missing out. That being said, where there have been unintended consequences of government decisions they have listened carefully and sought to address matters promptly.


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