5 June – Number 1

  • Application to re-open Opportunity and similar Retail shops is now available

Dear colleagues,

Parishes can now apply for permission to re-open Opportunity Shops and other similar Retail Shops such as book shops within the Diocese.

The health and safety of all people attending our sites is paramount and it is essential that there is strict adherence to the measures outlined within the Facts Sheets provided. All Fact Sheets, resources and the Application form can be found in the COVID-19 section of the Diocesan website.

Applications will be assessed in the order received.  Due to the large volume of applications please expect that it may take a number of days to receive a response.

NSW Health remains concerned about the risk of transmission especially to people who are identified as being  at greater risk because of their age or other existing health conditions.

The Diocesan Office staff continue to work through the safe re-opening and operation plans for Sunday Schools and other youth and Children’s activities, hall/site hire, cafes and other food related events, as well as fundraising events. Further advice for the safe re-opening of these activities will be given at a later date and in accordance with Government guidelines.


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