COVID-19 – Update

Dear sisters and brothers,

  • Guidance for clergy and lay leaders about wearing face masks

Dear sisters and brothers,

The Premier and the Chief Health Officer have strongly encouraged people to wear face masks when attending places of worship.

If you can, please arrange for a supply of disposable masks to be available for people who have not brought masks with them.

A standard sign relating to the wearing of face masks has been uploaded to the Diocesan website.

It is imperative that clergy and lay leaders lead by example and encourage people to wear masks.

When leading a part of the service or preaching it is permissible for the person to remove their mask temporarily in the conduct of their ministry, but should be 3m distant from the congregation while so doing.

When receiving communion, a person should receive the bread, step back, remove their mask, consume the communion, and recover their face. 

Grace and peace


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