18 March – Number 2

Dear colleagues,

  • Parish Annual Meetings not to be held
  • Current officeholders retain their roles
  • Churchwardens form a Parish Council Executive

The requirement to hold parish annual meetings is suspended until further notice.

Parishes are requested not to proceed with annual meetings if church services are held this weekend.

All recently elected or current office holders including churchwardens, synod representatives and incumbency board members remain in place.

The Churchwardens with the Incumbent form an Executive Committee of Parish Council. The Churchwardens are empowered to make the day to day decisions needed to ensure the management of the parish in circumstances where the full Parish Council cannot or should not meet, Phone and email meetings are permitted.

The Churchwardens should advise the Bishop if they have serious concerns about the health and wellbeing of any member of the clergy serving in a licensed ministry within the Parish.

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