19 March –  Number 2

Dear colleagues,

  • Livestreaming services
  • Focus on messages of care, encouragement and hope

One of the primary ministries for clergy at this time will be pastoral and spiritual care offered by telephone and electronic messaging.

Livestreamed services will be of invaluable assistance to many people. However, the proliferation of too many offerings may be a distraction. I encourage clergy to collaborate on this, perhaps sharing the ministry between them.

Remember, we need to create a sustainable model recognising that a number of clergy and/or their families may become ill and too ill to work.

The Cathedral will be offering a variety of services through a youtube channel. They will also transmit via Facebook. The bishops will join in the ministry through the Cathedral.

You should limit significantly the people involved in the livestream significantly and they must be able to demonstrate social distancing.

Clergy are authorised to to vary the form of service in light of the need to keep the service and any reflection accessible. For example one reading and not including the creed. There is wisdom in making addresses/reflections shorter than usual. As usual, it will hekp our people if the normative Anglican structure provided through A Prayer Book for Australia was used.

I have attached litany based on an Anglican litany and a pastoral litany for your use..


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