19 March – Number 3

Dear colleagues,

  • Clergy should lead prayers in our churches where they can and inform their community that they are ministering in this way

Another of the primary ministries for clergy at this time is the ministry of prayer.

Where clergy can do so safely, they are encouraged to pray in a church in the parish.

It will be a profound ministry to let people in your care know that you have been praying for them, their community, this nation and the world. A good way of doing this is through Facebook Post, Tweet, Instagram or Text Message.

Please take time to pray through the parish roll; remembering a number of people in the parish each day.

The bishops will be praying for a number of clergy each day as well the clergy in general.

I have attached a modified litany that is very powerful here.

In recognition of the different traditions of prayer in this church, I am authorising during the period of pandemic in Australia, that clergy may take the liturgy of Holy Communion/the Eucharist without other people present once only in a day. There may not be more than one such service at one time in any church. I know this will seem unusual for some in our diocese but it responds to a specific spirituality which is part of our Anglican comprehensiveness.


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