18 March – Number 6

Dear colleagues,

  • Changes in expectations of the clergy

The Clergy Retreats scheduled for May this year have now been cancelled. As the patterns of ministry begin to change then clergy should take time for prayer and reflection.

The requirement for Ministry Supervision is formally suspended while the expectation of social distancing is place. If clergy and their supervisors wish to continue to meet they can do so. Clergy will be advised when the requirement is reintroduced.

The environment around ministry planning individually and for our centres of ministry has changed dramatically. The requirement to complete Ministry Development Reviews is formally suspended. Clergy will be advised of the new dates for their reviews once we have returned to more normal ministry patterns.

There is no change in the reporting requirements to the Director of Professional Standards or the Office of the Children’s Guardian.

Where a member of the clergy or members of their family become unwell please advise us in the following way –

  • All Clergy (licensed, pto, olm, retired) in the Inland Episcopal Episcopate should contact Bishop Sonia. She will review care and support and keep the Bishop informed.
  • All clergy in the Coastal Episcopate should contact Bishop Charlie. He will review care and support and keep the Bishop informed.
  • All clergy in the Newcastle Archdeaconry and Chaplains (School, Justice and other ministries) should contact Bishop Peter.


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