COVID-19 – Safe Return to Church Framework

The health and safety of all people attending our sites is paramount and it is essential that there is strict adherence to the measures outlined within the Fact Sheets and re-opening application form below.

Formal written approval of the Bishop will be required prior to the re-opening of any activity and will be dependent on your ability to comply with all measures listed below.

ALL completed re-opening application forms are to be submitted to If you have any queries, please contact the quality & Risk team via or by phoning 1800 797 455. For urgent reporting of COVID-19 cases, please phone 1800 797 455 immediately.

Further advice in relation to other activities that have not yet re-commenced will be given at a later date and in accordance with Government guidelines.

The Bishop may change this direction at any time in response to managing COVID-19.

  • Safe Return to Church

  • Safe Re-opening of Opportunity and Retail Shops

  • Safe Reinstatement of Hall Hire to Third Parties

    Hall Hire to Third Parties

    Parishes can now begin the process of recommencing Hall Hire arrangements with Third Parties. Each Third Party will be required to complete the Hall Hire COVID -19 Annexure in addition to the standard hall hire agreement (if this has not been completed by the Third Party previously).

    The Parish must confirm that the Third Party is able to comply with all requirements. A copy of the completed Annexure is to be sent to the Diocesan Office prior to commencement of the arrangement. The Parish must have a process in place to carry out regular checks of the Cleaning Record and also the cleaning that is undertaken by the third party.

    Note: This process does not allow for the recommencement of parish organised youth and child activities. Separate advice is provided below under Safe Return to Child & Youth Activities.

    Fact Sheet:

    Fact Sheet: COVID-19 Safe Reinstatement of Hall Hire to Third Parties


    Hire/Casual Hall Hire Agreement – COVID-19 Annexure
    Record of Cleaning


    Updated Entry Requirements Sign (Risk Factors)
    Entry Requirements – Max Occupancy Sign 

    COVID-19 – Keep your distance
    COVID-19 – simple steps to stop the spread
    COVID-19 – good hygiene is in your hands

  • Safe Return to Child and Youth Activities

    Child and Youth Activities

    Parishes can now apply for permission to recommence Child and Youth activities within the Diocese.

    While there has been a relatively low number of cases in children it is important that we have robust measures in place to protect not only the health and safety of children and youth that will engage in activities on our sites but also the adults who will be involved in conducting these activities.

    Formal written approval from the Bishop will be required prior to the recommencement of these activities and will be dependent on your ability to comply with all measures outlined in the relevant Fact Sheets.

    As part of the Child Safe Church arrangements there must be at least 2 adults present to run the activity and the Incumbent or other Supervisor must be able to attend and/or supervise the activity.

    Fact Sheets:

    Fact Sheet No.1: Registration and Record Management – Child and Youth Activities
    Fact Sheet No.2: Preparing the Site – Child and Youth Activities
    Fact Sheet No.3: General Requirements – Child and Youth Activities
    Fact Sheet No.4: Cleaning Requirements – Child and Youth Activities
    Fact Sheet No.5: Incident Response – Child and Youth Activities
    Fact Sheet: Safe Use of Masks


    The application form must be completed by the Incumbent, a Church Warden and the Ministry Activity Leader.
    COVID-19 Safe Child & Youth Activities Framework – Application Form

    Additional Resources:

    COVIDSafe Induction and Training Checklist – Child and Youth Activities
    Attendance Record Sheet – Child and Youth Activities
    Parent Communication – Child and Youth Activities
    Volunteer Health and Medical Declaration Form
    COVID-19 – Do I need to wear a mask?

  • Safe Re-opening of Office Sites for Parish Workers

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    This page last updated 26th February 2021.