In accordance with Section 10g) of the Diocesan Council Ordinance 1929-2003 The Diocese issues a Year Book which includes:

  • History of the Diocese
  • Bishop of the Diocese
  • Assistant Bishop
  • Canons of the Cathedral and Canon to the Ordinary
  • Examining Chaplains
  • Clergy and Chaplains of the Diocese
  • Membership of Diocesan Boards and Committees
  • Bishop’s Charge to Synod
  • Report of Synod, resolutions and adopted Ordinances and General Synod Canons
  • Ordinances passed by Diocesan Council
  • Details of all Parishes

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Year Book 2020

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Year Book 2019

Year Book 2018

Year Book 2017

Year Book 2016

Year Book 2015

Year Book 2014

Year Book 2013

Year Book 2012

Year Book 2011

Year Book 2010

Year Book 2009

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