Our churches are getting into the spirit of “spring cleaning” over the next couple of months in partnership with CityServe – a unique initiative that embraces collaborative working partnerships between council, business and community organisations to benefit the community.

CityServe was launched for 2016 on August 22, and Archdeacon Arthur Copeman was interviewed by NBN News during the event:

A renovation project that rivals The Block is once again set to spruce up public and private facilities across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.
Cityserve uses the people power of some 1500 volunteers to get things done.

Lambton Public School’s grounds have felt the love from the first year of City Serve and members of the ANeW Church are set to return again.
“It’s our privelage as a church to be able to serve our local community in this way” said Arthur Copeman.

Watch the footage on the NBN website

ANeW Anglican Church will complete gardening and general maintenance on September 17 at Lambton Public School, followed by St John’s Anglican Church who will assist with planting on the dunes at Dixon Park Beach on October 8.

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