Celebrating 200 years of Christian worship on the Cathedral site and the completion of renovations to the Cathedral Tower, the Cathedral threw open its doors to the community on the weekend of 27 & 28 May.

With input from the Newcastle Museum and entertainment including music performed by Cathedral Organist Peter Guy, Newcastle Grammar School orchestra and choir and Newcastle East Public School choir, large numbers of people visited to look at audio visual and other displays about the Cathedral’s history and current ministries.

Visitors who climbed the Tower included His Excellency General Hurley, Governor of NSW, with Mrs Hurley. At a festive celebration of Evensong on Sunday General Hurley declared the Tower officially open and Bishop Peter Stuart re-hallowed this iconic Newcastle landmark.

On Sunday morning the Dean reminded the Cathedral congregation that the Cathedral tower, like a finger pointing to God, signifies our calling in the world, to be a sign that God is at the heart of the city and its life and that God is what matters.

Photos thanks to Grant Killen and ABC1233 Newcastle.

Unaccompanied visits to the Cathedral Tower will be possible from Friday 9 June. Tickets ($10) available from the Cathedral Shop in S.E. porch. No booking required. Note: 161 steps to the top but the view is stunning.


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