Sunday July 16 was Sea Sunday – an opportunity to remember the 1.5 million seafarers around the world who make possible the transportation of nearly everything we use.

Some of our parishes got involved in Sea Sunday! Fr Peter Middleton of Mission To Seafarers was the very first guest speaker at Messy Mass at the Parish of Branxton Greta Lochinvar. Plus, a small group of parishioners from Branxton Greta Lochinvar headed to Newcastle on July 11 to visit the Mission To Seafarers hub. They got to hear about the MTS work and ministry, and got a tour of the facilities in Wickham. “We have been inspired to think about how we might become more involved…”

Holy Trinity Terrigal also celebrated Sea Sunday with the blessing of beanies knitted by parishioners for Seafarers and with the Baptism of a baby of one of the new families who have recently joined the Parish.


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