A mum and her son were driving past the church at Gosford a few weeks ago and saw the sign that said ‘blankets please’ and Carmello, 7, asked his mum, why the church would want blankets. After she explained, that they were for homeless people, Carmello suggested they go buy a couple.

Mum had a better idea. How about Carmello earn some money by doing chores around the house during the school holidays and then he could spend his hard earned cash to buy a blanket to donate. He agreed.

Carmello told a few of his mates what he was doing and some of them started doing the same thing.

They all brought their brand new blankets – which they bought with their hard-earned money – into school for Carmello’s mum to collect.

A grand total of 26 blankets. All new!

A huge thank you to Carmello and his school friends at Central Coast Grammar for their hard work and generosity.


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