The Board elected by Synod to guide the process as Synod elects a new Bishop of Newcastle has met.

At the start of our overnight Retreat, Bishop Peter Stuart outlined our task and encouraged us. Before Bishop Peter left us, the Board elected Archdeacon Sonia Roulston as its chair, and Ms Katherine Lindsay as deputy. Members of the Board committed themselves to confidentiality, to avoid conflicts of interest, and to deal respectfully with any people who may be nominated.

The Board is being assisted in its work by a skilled and experienced consultant, the Reverend Sandy Jones, from Melbourne.

The Board is very keen to hear the voices of the people of the Diocese through Regional Consultations in the coming days. We have prayed for the Spirit’s guidance, and ask the prayers of the people of the Diocese for us.

Pictured are some of the Board members, with the Revd Sandy Jones.


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