Changes to Anglican leadership in Education and Child Development

11 January 2021

Dr Peter Stuart, the Bishop of Newcastle and Board Chair has announced a significant change in the leadership of Anglican schools, early learning centres, pre-schools and child development services.

On 31 January, Mr Alan Green will conclude his service as the Executive Director – Education and Child Development. This will mark a significant change in over 3 decades of educational leadership within the Diocese of Newcastle. Alan’s educational leadership began in this region at Newcastle Grammar School and continued in recent years as CEO of the Newcastle Anglican Schools Corporation.

In October 2020, the Diocese began the process of bringing all its work with people aged under 25 together in one portfolio led by an Executive Director of Education and Child Development. Alan led the first stage of that transition.

Alan brought wisdom, skill, humour, passion and enthusiasm to his leadership of 5 schools in our region. He is a highly regarded educational leader. We wish him, Bronwyn and their wider family every blessing and look forward to his continued association with the Diocese in numerous ways.

The Board has approved the appointment of Ms Elizabeth Knight as the new Executive Director of Education and Child Development. Liz has extensive experience in this field. She will work closely with the principals of the 4 Diocesan schools and with the leaders of children, youth and family services which operate out of Samaritans.

Liz is passionate about ensuring that every child is given the best start in life and has devoted herself to this work. She began her career in teaching and quickly moved to complex, strategic roles in large scale organisations. She is aligned deeply with the values of the Diocese and has demonstrated a commitment to placing children, and other service users, at the centre of her practice.

Liz will join the executive leadership team in February.

We thank Alan and we welcome Liz.

Dr Peter Stuart
Bishop of Newcastle

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