September 12 was a national day of celebration for those who work in the aged care sector with “Thank You for Working in Aged Care Day.”

Anglican Care celebrated the week by saying a special “thank you” as they recognised significant years of service to the organisation.

“You care. You’re There is a day of celebration for everyone working in aged care. It is not always the easiest of professions and it takes a caring, empathetic and dedicated soul,” said Colin Osborne CEO of Anglican Care.

“Each of them personifies the values of Anglican Care; respect, wellbeing, compassion and integrity.  With almost 1000 staff spread throughout the Hunter, Mid Coast and Central Coast it is vitally important we recognise them all as without them there is no Anglican Care,” he said.

“At the core of everything we do is our resident or consumer and that is what makes our staff so dedicated to Anglican Care.”

The national average tenure in a job in 2018 is 3 years and 4 months (McCrindle Research). This shows the level of dedication and loyalty the staff of Anglican Care have and goes completely against the national trend.

From front office staff, to nursing staff, hospitality and maintenance staff they all do their bit to ensure Anglican Care Residents and Consumers receive only the very best of care.

One particular staff member who personifies Anglican Care is Irene Balkema, Resident Liaison Officer at Toronto Nursing Home and Kilpatrick Court.

With a passion for caring for older people, Irene was honoured for 30 years of Service to Anglican Care. In her 30 years, Irene has worked across the organisation from Carey Bay, to Scenic Lodge and C A Brown touching and enriching the lives of countless people.

Irene Balkema was recognised for 30 years at Anglican Care

“My goal is to reach 40 years with Anglican Care,” said Irene.

Anglican Care’s McIntosh Court recently farewelled Marion O’Hearn, who retired only six-weeks ago following 35 years with Anglican Care.

“Marion worked in hospitality services and we can only imagine the number of lives she has touched in her 35 years. We thank her for such a beautiful amount of time devoted to delivering aged care services,” said Colin.

Marion O’Hearn

Full List of Years of Service Achievements

35 years – Marion O’Hearn (McIntosh)

30 years – Cheryl Miller (Kilpatrick Court)
– Irene Balkema (Toronto Nursing Home)

1 year of Service – 175 staff members

3 years of Service – 102 staff members

5 years of Service –  82 staff members

10 years of Service – 44 staff members

15 years of Service – 26 staff members

20 years of Service – 8 staff members

25 years of Service – 5 staff members

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