This coming weekend the Synod of the Diocese will gather for the purpose of electing its new Diocesan Bishop. The Synod will be using the new process passed in at the May Synod, by which the Board, having received nominations from Synod members, now presents a short list of those nominees to the Synod for its consideration. Members of the Board are agreed that we have three very good people before us for our consideration. They have been impressed, particularly, with the openness of these nominees to reflecting on what God’s call to them is at this time, and their generosity with us testing this call.

It has been an intense six months behind the scenes, since our May Synod. In that time the Board have formed, we have been led in Diocesan Consultations by the Reverend Sandy Jones of Leading Connexions, and from the outcome of these conversations the selection criteria for choosing our bishop have been developed. The Board has worked with those who have accepted nomination, in written material, face-to-face interview, and filming videos for the Synod’s consideration. Members have also been working to ensure that they keep closely to the process as passed at the may Synod. All are agreed that this work has been a privilege.

The Board members have now completed their task as these the nominees come to Synod, though we remember that they are also bound by confidentiality with respect to the detail of their work.

And so Synod comes with a sense of both expectation and anticipation.

As we prepare we urge the people of the Diocese and beyond to hold the Synod in prayer as we together now seek to listen to God, listen to one another, and to hear “what the Spirit is saying to the Church”.

The Bishop Election Synod will be held on Saturday 25 November at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College. This a closed Synod for members of the Synod only.

The Synod Eucharist will take place at St Peter’s Church, East Maitland on Friday 24 November at 7pm. All welcome.

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