After 35 years Melissa “still happy to be working” at Anglican Care

melissa-in-old-brochureIn this day of constant change and a disposable society, it is reassuring to see staff celebrating 35 years of continual employment with the same employer.

According to the Department of Employment, the average period a person stays in the one job is 3 years and 4 months*.

Melissa Davies is certainly bucking the trend, having just reached an Anglican Care first – the longest serving employee with 35 years working in aged care services.

Having joined Anglican Care at a spritely 17 years of age, Melissa has worked in administration at the Booragul head office since 1981. Her first few years working in administration were very different to what they are now.

“When I started as a young girl, the very first thing I had to do each day was to attend to an elderly resident and do up her corset. Needless to say, things are very different now,” Melissa said.

“I have been very fortunate for so many reasons. In all the time I have been at Anglican Care, I’ve been married, had children, celebrated all that life has to offer  – I guess you could say that I have grown with the company.”

While the core values are still the same, Melissa has seen the organisation grow into the aged care powerhouse it is today.  When she started there was only the Booragul site, now facilities and services are covered in the Manning, Hunter and Central Coast regions.

“When I started working, everything was done on typewriters. Today, everything is virtually paperless. Anglican Care is very innovative in the way they do things so I have had to adapt to new and more efficient methods, especially where administration is concerned.”

But the greatest change Melissa has seen in the aged care sector has been very recent.

“In the last two years the aged care sector has undergone the biggest change I’ve seen in all my years working here. Thankfully we are very well prepared and will continue to implement new initiatives that will only enhance the services we offer to elderly people needed care,” Melissa said.

When asked what the future held for herself, Melissa knows she’s definitely in the right place.   ‘If you do the right thing, you can have a job for life in aged care.” Melissa said.

Melissa now works in Community & Home Care Services at the organisations Head Office in Booragul.

*Source: HILDA, Department of Employment